To supporters of the Mastin case, who would like to see the killer prosecuted and to those that want to see changes in Spain for animals

Dear supporters of the Mastin case, we need your help and advice ACTIN is now one year old. We are different from other Associations as we are not a rescue. […]

Dear supporters of the Mastin case, we need your help and advice

ACTIN is now one year old. We are different from other Associations as we are not a rescue. However, because we are small and because of what we do, we have found ourselves in a position where we have had to rescue dogs, to save them from the pound. This has resulted in taking care of many dogs and puppies, who are in residence and fees and veterinary costs have given us a massive challenge, which we did not expect.

I, as the President of ACTIN promised always to show clarity from the beginning with everything we do. I believe openness and honesty is of utmost importance, so that our supporters can be aware of exactly what we do and why. I am always pleased to answer any questions that supporters and would be supporters may ask.

What have we achieved?

  • We have now denounced 1 bad owner and saved 2 of his dogs from being put to sleep. One of those dogs will soon go to new and loving owners. We have worked to bring that dog back to health .
  • We are in the process of denouncing the Mastin killer, (although he has already been denounced by the witness). If the case continues ACTIN will be prosecuting the killer
  • We have rescued 5 dogs from a bad owner and improved the situation of the animals still in the care of that owner. One dog gave birth to 8 puppies, (this situation is on-going and may still result in a denuncia). The dogs are gradually coming to full and normal health.  Of the 8 puppies, 6 have homes to go to. The rest of the adult dogs are still in residence and so ACTIN must find funds to continue their care
  • We are denouncing  2 other cases, which we will not make public, one is involved in Pit bull breeding. Actin has rescued 11 puppies in the process
  • We have resolved many cases of neglect by talking to the owners and overseeing their care; things such as making sure the animals have basic food, water and shade. We will never stop doing this and plan a campaign to encourage the general public to help with this
  • We have taken 2 dogs from an owner who was deliberate starving his dogs (this case is complicated and on-going). The dogs involved needed a lot of care and help to get back to health. One of those dogs will soon go to the UK to its new owner
  • We have also launched a campaign for sterilisation and have a billboard in Cartagena. This campaign is still in early stages
  • We are working on many other things, such as education, advice and consciousness
  • Best of all we have an animal welfare lawyer specialist on board, who in her own right is doing many thing to improve the situation in Spain for animals and we are collaborating together on many things

So far in the process of what ACTIN does we have rescued 43 dogs - these were dogs in bad situations, we have also rescued more abandoned dogs, not included in this figure. I think we have done very well in such a short space of time and we hope that you, our supporters will be pleased with what we have achieved.

Most of these activities have taken place in the last 4 months, as we have become more established

ACTIN is in the process of changing its status and therefore giving the Association more powers for denouncing.

So why am I telling you this? We know that people believe in donating for the dogs and we understand this.  But the concept of donating to something like the Mastin case may be hard for people to understand. So far, we have had 8 very kind donations which amount to 40 euros. Thank you to those that donated. So far the costs for the case have mounted to almost 1600 Euros. A very kind donator gave us 800 euros to start the case off and now ACTIN are on their own, so we realise how important it is to ask for your help. For the case to continue we must raise funds.

Now, we need your ideas and help. How, do we help people to understand the importance of this case and why we need funds? We did a little bit of research and came up with the idea of a monthly sum to help with this but I think we are going to need a stronger plan, something else to help. Please could you give us your ideas and thoughts?  Maybe we could find a sponsor who will believe in what we are trying to do and how this will help animals in the future.

A successful outcome for the Mastin will raise consciousness of cruelty in Spain and this is very important. Yesterday a supporter described us as a forward thinking Association and this is exactly what we are, we are not satisfied with rescuing dogs, much more is needed to ever STOP the problems. We are aiming for the cure, please help us to do this.

To donate to the Mastin case and learn more please click here

President of ACTIN