The dark secret in Fortuna, Murcia; murdered dogs, Fox terrier, Galgo and Rottweiler

Warning; the content and photos in this article are upsetting but we need your help and awareness of this situation. The photos are below the article and are very harrowing; […]

Warning; the content and photos in this article are upsetting but we need your help and awareness of this situation. The photos are below the article and are very harrowing; you do not have to see.

In Fortuna, Murcia Spain, hidden in the undergrowth of the campo is the most horrific scene we have ever witnessed. This town which is famous for its natural hot springs and is a tourist attraction, possibly holds a murderer of dogs who could be in this area or in a nearby Town, an evil person who evidently from the way the dogs have been tortured and killed is experienced and adept in his sickening actions against these helpless animals.

Strangled; the poor Galgo, now just a skeleton but the cable and the knots around its neck, clear evidence of what was done to this unfortunate dog; the little fox terrier, tipped from a bucket and lying where it was thrown, we can’t imagine what happened to this poor dog. But then the worst - the young Rottweiller who's thick neck would not have allowed his murderer to strangle him very easily, and never in our worst nightmares could we have known that someone would do this to a dog; cable tied to its front legs and across its back, had its legs pulled out sideways, until its front split in the middle, literally breaking this dogs heart and tearing it apart. This dog must have died in abject agony. The Galgo and the Rottweiler appear to have been killed where they lie. There were bones of dogs scattered everywhere. Did the dogs do something wrong? Was this their punishment?

We took photos and as our legal team advised, with a newspaper showing the date, as evidence of when found; ironically the headline on the newspaper befits the scene exactly.

 We called the Police and just before they arrived, we investigated a property close by that may be connected -  we have found some evidence that could link the deaths of these dogs to this house.

The property appeared to be deserted of people; the first thing we heard was barking from behind the green netting that was hiding what was on the property, we ripped it back to reveal, a tiny Fox terrier, identical to the one we saw dead, the colour, the size, age – perhaps a sibling and quite unusual to see a dog like this – especially with what else we discovered here. Then empty and dilapidated kennels, many signs were pinned on the perimeter with guard dog images and warnings. Then something we totally did not expect to see, a pen filled with Galgos, some with horrible muzzles on their faces, so even if there had been water or food, they would not have been able to drink. There were definite signs that this house belonged to hunters, or a hunter, we saw at least 3 of the typical trailers for transporting dogs when hunting. There were many other dogs too and witnesses tell how the dogs howl in the mornings. We saw at least 3 German shepherds.

After the police arrived, we took them to the scene, and they were visibly disturbed, particularly by the Rottweiler. We showed them the house and we personally felt they realised there was undoubtedly a connection between the house and the deaths of the dogs. However we may not be able to prove this.

Witnesses have also found snares in the same area and recently released a fox caught in the snare. There have been other incidences of animals neglected and trapped in the same place.

So, Fortuna is not a huge town. Someone  kills dogs in this town or somewhere nearby,  we can presume.  Someone experienced, proficient at making knots in cable to hang, strangle and kill a dog unspeakably, they are practised, evil and cruel and they must be exposed, prosecuted and never have the chance to do this again....we need as much publicity for this crime as possible, to uncover this evil murderer.

Thank you to the brave people who reported this and brought it to the attention of ACTIN.

Both President and Vice President of ACTIN investigated this case on the 26th June 2013 and will not rest until they have found the killer…someone around this area knows…

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