Sterilisation Campaign

By now most people who care for animals will have realised that there is a huge problem here in Spain, of terrible animal suffering. We, when forming ACTIN, asked ourselves […]

By now most people who care for animals will have realised that there is a huge problem here in Spain, of terrible animal suffering.

We, when forming ACTIN, asked ourselves how we could stop this. We have continually rescued animals that are suffering on a voluntary basis and for every one we have saved and found a home for, there are hundreds more waiting.

The animals cannot speak or help themselves, they are vulnerable, we as human beings have an obligation to protect all life on earth and show compassion towards suffering.

Suffering occurs when an animal is starving, thirsty, treated created cruelly, or abandoned and left to die.

Why does this need to happen? It doesn’t but we need to be heard, to help prevent it

An abandoned or stray animal can endanger the lives of people on the roads, and the health of our children and pets. This message must have an impact; we have to spread it to the government and local councils.

Animals here in Spain get thrown away like unwanted garbage into bins, onto the roads, into wells and water deposits, or tied up and left in fields to starve. Puppies found in boxes by bins, in bags, in the bins, or left to die in dry river beds, is a common occurrence in the countryside and villages. This continued habit of doing this to helpless animals, happens on a daily basis. A creature that lives feels pain, fear, hunger and thirst and doesn’t deserve to suffer. Us animal carers know this but isn’t it common sense to all people? Why do humans feel they can inflict that kind of intolerable pain and suffering on a creature? We can only win this battle with education and awareness.

Animals deserve respect. What we feel ourselves, so do the animals.

ACTIN plans to deliver these messages to the perpetrators and the ignorant. BUT in the meantime we cannot deal with the amount of animals that it is happening to.

There is only one answer, and that is to reduce this intolerable suffering to animals, by reducing the numbers that are born. Therefore campaigning for NEUTERING, is the biggest most important effort we have to make initially.

Why don’t the Spanish want to neuter their animals? Because, they believe the animals character may change, that he may not be a good hunter, guard dog, or goat herder; because of religious grounds, macho reasons, financial limitations? None of these are reason enough…

  • These mis-conceptions need to be changed.
  • Incentives need to be given, such as the cleanliness and change in the environment.
  • More vets need to be involved and give concessions.
  • Money needs to be raised for local neutering programmes.

But first we need to bring awareness and this is a going to be a long process. The importance of it cannot be stressed enough.

How do we do it? By many people making a strong message and delivering that message far and wide. Neutering is the only thing that will start to make a difference.

Neutering Campaign PosterOne pair of mating dogs in 6 years will have procreated 67,000 dogs. Only 10% of the whole world’s population of dogs will ever have a home. Imagine the millions that will suffer?

So please help us here in Spain; we are starting with our campaign message and we want to see this message everywhere. We have initiated this campaign with our T-shirts. Car stickers will follow and much more. We value your help in delivering this message and we need funds too, for the manufacturing and marketing of the goods.

We are preparing to take this message worldwide; we cannot do it without you.

If you wish to help the animals and you believe in us and our intention to do this, please purchase one of our T-shirts.

If you wish to sponsor us to make our message stronger, please contact us.