Saving the Spanish Galgos

If you have spent any time in Spain you have probably heard of the plight of the Spanish hunting dogs, in particular the Galgos and Podencos. Their treatment by the  Galgueros (the Spanish hunters who keep the dogs) is nothing short of barbaric. They are kept on chains, in small enclosures with many dogs, barely fed and watered with no comfort or warmth during a cold Spanish winter. They are often tortured, and when the hunters are finished with them at the end of the hunting season they are tossed away like an unwanted piece of rubbish. The lucky ones are hung high up in trees, the not so lucky ones are hung lower in the branches with their feet just touching the ground or tossed in to wells to starve to death.

Beryl Brennan has written a book, From Heaven to Hell - The Story of the Galgo Espanol which is a very detailed explanation of the story of the Spanish Galgo. It's aim is to raise awareness of this terrible situation in Spain and gain the scrutiny of the world to try and change the law to help the Galgos and other hunting dogs. Please read ACTIN's review of the book here. You can also buy the book online here.

Charl del Rio is also a Galgo advocate and has a blog dedicated to the Galgo, raising awareness of their terror and explaining how you can help make a difference. You can view the blog here.

The most important aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of this situation. Who would think that this kind of thing still goes on in the modern world. It is time for change. But it will take many human voices to stand up for the dogs that are slaughtered each year that have no voice against the Galgueros.

Please share this message far and wide.

Further information can also be found on these websites: