Rudy’s Happy Ending

Many of you will remember Rudy and his story. It was Rudy who helped Actin learn a lot about how to rescue animals from cruel situations legally as the first […]

Many of you will remember Rudy and his story. It was Rudy who helped Actin learn a lot about how to rescue animals from cruel situations legally as the first attempt at rescuing failed and it was over a year later that Actin finally managed to get him to safety. You can read more about Rudy's Story here and how he was rescued, the joy Actin felt when he was finally safe, and how he and the other dogs that were rescued with him blossomed in their foster home. (Rudy was rescued along with 5 other dogs, one of which had 8 pups and Rudy was the Dad.)

Rudy's rescue

Rudy first came to our attention 4 years ago and it took a long time to get him rescued legally, almost 2 years and after we formed the Association Actin. Prior to that, the first time we rescued him we had to return him and it was a year before we could gain the authority and experience to know what to do - proving how difficult it is to get a dog out when they are not treated properly. It is easier now - we know what to do and can offer that advice to others.


Rudy's new home

Rudy's life now is very different and this is what his owners told us today.

Hello Viv,

Michelle here, Rudy's mum. Thankyou for your lovely email, I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch until now.

Sleeping in his favourite spot

Sleeping in his favourite spot

Firstly I would like to thank you and all who helped in the rescue of Rudy, we feel so lucky to have him in our family. We had been looking for a new addition to our family for about a year, they would need to be good with other dogs and cats, like good walks and be happy with two energetic boys.

I was at work and a lady came in followed by her son, I said hello and walked over to them. Her son was holding a lead and on the end was a dog so handsome. As I bent down to stroke him he nuzzled his head under my arm for a cuddle, my heart melted.

After talking for a while I then found out his name was Rudy and he was looking for a home. He had stole my heart with his gentle way, the Wild family had talking to do!!!!!
Talking was done, checks were made then the day came. Rudy was coming home!!!!

My boys were overjoyed my cats weren't, Penny let him know she was boss and my husband had a new mate!! He spent his first evening curled up next to my husband and nearly every one since.

Rudy loves his comfort and will curl up for a snooze on a footstool we have, it's tiny but he always fits on. He makes us laugh every day doing a rudisum, this can be anything from making a tent from the curtain and going to sleep to going on point at the nearest blackbird!!! He has a thing about blackbirds. On speaking to other pointer owners this seems to be a common thing. They're all bonkers!!! Haha.

We live on the edge of moorland and have great river walks the other side.The moors are definitely Rudys favourite place, he doesn't yet go off lead up there but we use a long line so he can still enjoy free running. We have two fields we go to every morning where off lead is fine. I love to see him running with Penny.

Penny is our other dog, she is lovely and the pair of them are inseparable. Rudy has learnt a lot from her and they will both enjoy a game of fetch and a good swim in the river. My eldest loves doing agility with Penny in the garden and just a fortnight ago Rudy joined in too, much to Thomas's delight.

He loves his treats and toys but most of all cuddles. Everyone who meets Rudy loves him, he is very special and has completed our family. Just last week they both went for their boosters and check up. Everything was good and as usual he had everyone fussing him. Such a charmer!!!

I've enclosed some pictures so I hope you get them.

Thankyou so much again for all the work,love and care, blood, sweat and tears you put into getting Rudy safe and all the other pups you help every day.

Rudy is with us for life, we love him and feel blessed to have him. Thankyou xxx

I promise I will try to send you at least a yearly update, I hope you enjoy the pictures and they make you smile xxx