Police doing great work rescuing animals

There are now police officers in several areas that are knowledgeable in animal welfare and are prepared to rescue animals from bad situations. These are the policemen that have attended […]

There are now police officers in several areas that are knowledgeable in animal welfare and are prepared to rescue animals from bad situations. These are the policemen that have attended our lawyers courses which have proved to be very successful for improving the rights of animals. As you can see from the reports below, the police are doing a great job and we need to spread the word to other areas to persuade other police and officials to attend these informative courses.

The pictures above show a large brown dog who was trapped in cold water. The police from Callosa, Alicante rescued the dog successfully. This policeman has attended four of the legal courses in several different areas, and it is great to see his enthusiasm towards animals. He is now in direct contact with a group of police officers and our lawyer so that they can discuss urgent animal cases and get them help in a legal way quickly.

OJOThe pony was in a bad way and had a problem with one of his eyes and could hardly see out of it. It is likely that he was owned by gypsies. The police officer in this case had to rescue the pony during the night and then look after him at the police station, staying in his car. He now has help from an association to care for and home the pony.

abandoned dog

Abandoned and now rescued and looking for a home.

The same police officer from Alicante rescued 2 dogs abandoned on the street. But it turned out that it was only one that was abandoned and now safely in a foster home. The other black and white dog was seen alone in the street when it was raining and a neighbour saw the poor dog out all night in the rain and alerted the police. The police officer came and rescued the dog, took him back to the police station where he had a night in the warm with no rain. The next day the dog's family found him by looking on the police's facebook page. A happy ending for this doggy, and great work by the police to reunite him with his family.

Two dogs seized from a flat by the Alicante Police. This news article is about the police officers of UPROA (which translates to Animal Protection Unit Alicante) who successfully got a court order to enter a flat and remove two dogs that were living in squalid conditions and not cared for at all. They were able to quote the correct laws and explain their relevance in this case to the judge and stated that this was a crime of animal abuse due to omission of care. As a precautionary measure the police were able to get an order to prevent the owners from having any further animals within their possession while this case is open. This rescue has been a great success for the police and for Raquel our lawyer as it is due to her courses that these police officers have attended where they have learned the correct procedures to take action. This is fantastic news.

The little white dog above with a big scar on his back was rescued by other police from Santa Pola. The bad scar was enough evidence that the dog was not being cared for and that he had not been seen by a vet. With legal backup the police were able to rescue the dog from a bad owner, who also did not currently have the dog vaccinated against rabies which is against the law.

Raquel, lawyer from deAnimals is now giving courses and attending conferences nearly every weekend in different parts of the country. She is being asked by town halls and universities to give courses and talks about the legal side of animal welfare and animal rights. It is heartening to see that these changes are now slowly beginning to happen and there is more interest in the welfare of animals. We hope you will see these successes and offer your support to Raquel as well. We hope to be able to fund some of her courses, but we can't do that with out your donations.

Here are some of Raquel's future courses:

29th & 30th April Congreso de Protección Animal5th May Legislación e intervención en el maltrato y bienestar animal (Instituto Faro, Universitat Jaume I)
26th-28th May Curso de iniciación, formación para profesionales en biendest y protección animal (Instituto Faro)