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Update on Actin's fundraising events November/December 2013 Actin Facebook Auctions are proving to be very helpful as an event for fundraising. A short auction after rescuing Paloma, the Mastin chained up in the […]

Update on Actin's fundraising events November/December 2013

Actin Facebook Auctions are proving to be very helpful as an event for fundraising. A short auction after rescuing Paloma, the Mastin chained up in the shed for 4 years, raised funds which helped towards September's vet bill. Our Christmas Auction which finished on Saturday 30th November, raised 780 euros which was very much needed, once again for vet bills.

We are very grateful to the people who donated items and what fantastic gifts they were - lots of doggy related jewellery and some very nice pieces indeed. Our next Auction will be well worth a visit, for the beautiful items as well as the cause. If you have anything you would like to donate to our next Auction, please contact our administrator on the Auction page or so if you are interested in hearing about it and joining us, why not LIKE the page on Facebook now, to get updates and be part of this worthy project. Our next fundraiser is a raffle and a very special prize, so please look out on our FB page for the details.

Actin is eager to raise much needed funds, to cover vet's bills, travel for the dogs going into foster care, kennel fees and general welfare of the dogs in our care; those are the immediate costs. However, what we really want and need for the future,  is to be able to invest in a good quality sterilisation campaign; this includes education, advertising and a fund to offer concessionary prices.  So we are creating a number of fundraising ideas and events that you may be able to help us with. We hope also to raise more of these billboards, with the message to sterilise animals, we would like to be able to keep this one running, (featured below), the contract has already ceased but the media company has kindly extended the period, until we can raise funds to extend the contract.

Billboard for sterilisation campaign (ACTIN Board)

Billboard for sterilisation campaign (ACTIN Board)

Hogs n Dogs Auction

HogsnDogs-logoDon't miss the Hogs n Dogs auction's, a new item every week. Check out their facebook page Hogs n dogs or follow on ours Actin official Facebook page we also have a Facebook group, so if you would like to be pro-active, helping to share and support local issues for animals in Murcia check it out here AWSM

Actin's Teacup Campaign

Please support our Teacup campaign, we have rescued so many puppies recently and so many owners just cannot afford to have their dogs sterilised, that we would like to start by helping with concessionary prices, according to the circumstances of the owners. Our Teacup campaign is created to help the puppies we have currently and to try to prevent more - as much as we love them, the main problems in Spain are created by overpopulation. Our puppy called Teacup and our rescued Kitten Kupcat are representative of the problems. To help and spread the word we have an event on Facebook, all you have to do is join, then send us the price of a cup of coffee, it's so simple and effective if everyone did it. To see the event and follow the campaign you can join here Teacup's sterilisation campaign.

teacupAd1  cupcatAd  teacupAd2


New - Actin's Amazon Wishlist

amazon wishlistPlease check this out, we now have an Amazon wish list specifically to help our rescued dogs amazon wishlist link. You can purchase an item from our wishlist and have sent directly to us at Actin.


Coming up

Win a holiday for 2 at Tara Casa - full details to follow check out Tara Casa and see what to expect


Actin's Auction

Actin's Auction

Christmas Auction

Christmas Auction - If you have any items you wish to donate, please contact us on Facebook, or send us an email to the items will be sent directly from the donator to the winning bidder and so please state if you will include P&P in the starting price, or if the bidder will be responsible for the P&P costs

 Actin's Song

And last but not least, if you haven't heard Actin's very own song, you can listen here on the Actin youtube channel and watch the video with Actin's dogs.

If you would like to purchase this unique CD, then a donation of 5 euros, plus 2.50 euros P&P will go towards our campaigns. Please make a donation for the CD using the button below.