Our Teacup campaign

When Actin was set up we had some good ideas of what we wanted to do, it was mainly about education for children and promoting sterilisation. However, like most things […]

When Actin was set up we had some good ideas of what we wanted to do, it was mainly about education for children and promoting sterilisation. However, like most things the path is never straight and ours has been a very rocky one with lots of little alleyways, where we have been diverted, one of which has been the need to rescue, which has made our growth difficult because it wasn’t planned and we don’t have a source of funding to be able to support it. This has meant a lot of hard work and we are very proud that we somehow are getting through and have had many happy adoptions so far. Maybe we will consider setting up a rescue arm for Actin, it has been spoken about and it is much needed in the main locality that we are doing most of our work.

So, to the point, we seem to be inundated with puppies right now. Abandoned Mum’s and their litters, puppies thrown over the fence, puppies abandoned in busy streets and puppies born that would normally be killed by their ignorant owners. This cannot continue, no matter how big, or well-funded a rescue is, the problem is too vast and engulfing to ever be manageable. There is no other answer but this one; a campaign and this is going to be a 2 fold campaign, firstly and most practically, to get our puppies vaccinated micro-chipped and adopted and to help with residency costs. But we don’t want to have to do that again! We have other things that Actin is set up for that we must focus on!


The second fold is the big one and the one we have to push forward very hard with. We already started a campaign of awareness for sterilisation, we have T-shirts, information leaflets, we have written articles, we even have a billboard BUT we haven’t even touched the surface with it. So, if we are going to do anything worthwhile with this, we need to be much more convincing and persuasive to those that refuse to sterilise their pets, or those that do not understand the benefits. We need an effective campaign, we need funds to assist those that genuinely cannot afford it and we need to do this in an organic way.

As the president and founder of Actin, I naturally work with what I see around me and I live in a typical Spanish rural village in Murcia. I am daily speaking to my neighbours, trying to get them to understand the need to sterilise. I am finally getting through a little and so at last, after 3 years of trying, I have permission to help some of my neighbours by sterilising their dogs, which for years have had litters of puppies that are either drowned in buckets, thrown in bins, or left to die in the fields or on the road. Many of those puppies I have rescued and it is part of the reason Actin has so many right now. So, if we can build this campaign outwards, make good one village and show how much better, cleaner and kinder it is, then help others to do the same in their villages and give support to those that want to do this, then we have some change – less abandoned dogs and a good example to publicise as part of our persuasive campaign.

This is not a reactive but a pro-active campaign that when successful will be used as a programme to bring it to many other areas. Everything has to start somewhere and we want to try to get this all across Spain. We are good as a media platform and so we need your help to get this rolling.

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Please watch this very short and powerful video to understand why we are so passionate about promoting sterilisation. Your 1 coffee a day could go towards preventing the holocaust we have in Spain for dogs. Share this with your non animalista friends, share everywhere....