Mission Statement

Our Mission is to bring awareness and education to the region of Murcia and to the whole of Spain.

The aims will be to focus on what can be achieved in order to make changes in the laws against cruelty, neglect and abandonment. We also look to find the best ways to introduce education of the general care and welfare of all animals in Spain. Please get involved in ACTIN for discussion, information, ideas and information on current laws.

Our vision

  • Persistence - to change and implement the laws
  • Hope - to bring about many changes
  • Loyalty - to the animals we protect and the protectors
  • Teach - about compassion to living creatures
  • Will - to complete the tasks we set ourselves
  • Faith - in ourselves and human nature, that goodness and positivity will always prevail. To teach this to others and to hold our vision that we can bring the changes needed to make Spain a better place for all animals

Association ACTIN - CIF/NIF G30866925

For donations and to help our projects and our volunteers who rescue dogs, please donate to ACTIN Asociation

La Caixa – Micro Bank – 0133-4646-85-4200000332
IBAN: ES05 0133 4646 8542 0000 0332
PayPal: admin@actin-spain.com