Extra Subscription Options

If you have had problems using the subscription buttons for monthly payments on the main members page you can try these options.

Problems can occur if the only payment source in your paypal account is a bank account. For cross country subscription payments paypal uses a credit card to confirm your identity and country of residence as a measure to prevent fraud. Without a credit card paypal can not confirm this and your payment will fail or you will be asked to add a credit card to your paypal account.

The buttons below are for the small monthly payment, however they do not set up a subscription in your paypal account. You will be sent an email reminder the following month that you need to pay again and you will need to do so manually. To do this you need to log-in to your ACTIN account and under the 'Your Membership has Expired' heading choose the Paypal buttons at the bottom of the pay for Monthly subscriptions.

Charity / Active Member - €2.50 per month

Lawyer Sponsor / Pro Member - €5.00 per month