The lucky ones from the pound, want to thank you the supporters

Actin could not have done it without your help Actin rely on funds donated by the good people on our Facebook group and local businesses who have also helped . We have also been […]

Actin could not have done it without your help

Actin rely on funds donated by the good people on our Facebook group and local businesses who have also helped . We have also been supported by some very kind and generous people, who have greatly helped us .

We would like to mention The Great animal Chase and Harmony fund,who are an organisation in the US and have supported our work since the start.

As have local businesses, The Dog Bowl in Fuente Alamo, Euronics in Camposol and many donators who have taken part in our Facebook Auction, another local business always kindly donating gifts for the Auction is the Mariposa Hotel. Alibar knits,a fantastic fundraising Facebook group, there has been local raffles, table top sales, all organised by supporters of Actin who believe in our work, have helped to make it possible and have eased the weight of the responsiblity we are feeling.   

Happy Pets our vets have been absolutely fantastic, especially when we have turned up unexpectedly with sick dogs, they have given us so much time, patience and loving kindness to the sick dogs. 

The Actin team would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for believing in us. It is a massive task we have taken on and so we really hope that people will continue to join us and help us to make the difference....

See what you have helped us with, like Maya and all the others, some are even in new homes already

Maya in the featured photo is a beauty I am sure you will agree. Her new owner adores her, she has said of 'Maya', that she is her protector and close friend. We dont know Maya's story prior to the pound, all we know is that she would not have faired well if we had not rescued her, as there is no adoption process at the pound.

We were able to adopt the lucky dogs here by posing as private adopters, as we knew they would not let us otherwise.  Many associations have tried to help and were subsequently banned for complaining about the conditions, mistreatment and lack of care and many other irregularities.

We at Actin tried to obtain a meeting in July 2013 but were ignored. Again we recently offered to help but were told it was against company policy.  There are many other sad facts and evidence of actions witnessed by Actin and other Associations that are being processed through the legal system by our lawyers

Actin still need your help

You can help by writing to your local town hall and letting them know what you have heard about and protesting against this cruel and needless facility and its conditions in the Mazarron area. It should be run properly by a protective organisation with animal welfare interests.

You can also help Actin by donating toward the dogs we have rescued from there, who we have in residence.  Our boarding fees are a huge drain on resources right now.

The vets bills were 5,000 euros due to the many illnesses and the parvo virus. 12 dogs died. We have 30 more who are now well and waiting for adoptions.

Most importantly we fight legally to end what is happening there now, to improve the facilities and hopefully get the ownership changed to an animal welfare organisation that is competent and suitable to take care of animals. Our legal costs are being kept to the minimum by our lawyer but they are necessary.

There are other pounds like this in Spain. We would like to see an end to privately owned companies making profit from the overpopulation of dogs. The main answer is sterilisation and for this we will campaign as much as we can..

If you wish to help, you can donate via the Dog Bowl in Fuente Alamo, or Happy Pets in Camposol

PayPal is

Or click here for our donations page. We also have a membership option where you can join for a minimal subscription which helps us with legal fees and you will receive exclusive updates as an Actin member. Click here for membership options

 Please keep your dog’s safe, on leads and make sure they are micro chipped and vaccinated.

Thank you again to all that have made it possible to get this far....