Lonely released from her chain after 10 years

The moment that Lonely was released from her chain was so emotional. She has been here chained for 10 years!! This little old lady was completely bewildered and had no idea what was happening to her. The farmer took a pair of scissors and cut away the old string tied tightly around her neck and removed her heavy chain.  She has lived like this, through rain, wind, heat and has led this lonely life for 10 years, which is so sad.  She is a hardy little girl to have survived this.

Today ACTIN liberated her

Today Actin's team went to the site where the dog was - one of many visits we have made, resulting last week in removing 4 other dogs Rudy's rescue.  We told the owners we would return and we would be inspecting the other dogs and checking if they had improved their conditions.  We were not too impressed on arrival but then we were shown a bag of brand new collars and some huge bags of proper dog food - stale bread is not on the menu for these dogs anymore and they already looked as though they were putting on weight. We showed the owners our contract for keeping the dogs in good conditions - otherwise we denounce and they happily signed giving us legal rights to the animals we have taken and promising to take better care of their shepherd dogs. This was a better way. These owners are ignorant, they don't know how to look after their animals. We have offered our help and they are collaborating with us. Actin has been successful and this is what we set out to do.

There are many problems in Spain for animals as we all know, and there will be many ways of dealing with things but this is a very good outcome and today we are feeling like Actin has been successful. It isn't good enough to say that this is their way and we shouldn't interfere. We must interfere when animals are suffering and we will do it every time. Its a small start in one area...we need others to start doing the same....lets together make changes and show we care and don't tolerate neglect or cruelty?  This is the 21st century!

Sadly 4 weeks after Lola was rescued, she died peacefully in the loving care of her new owners. Lonely Lola would have died of this condition on her chain and in pain if she had not been rescued. Please help Actin to rescue more dogs like this. We know of owners who do not treat their animals well and we need support and funds to remove them and denounce the owners. Without help we cannot do this very often and we must in order to make a difference and start to make awareness to cruel owners that we will not tolerate this behaviour.