Hurrah!!!! Rudy is safe

  Rudy and 3 of the dogs have been rescued by ACTIN Association, it was very stressful, we bundled the dogs into the car with no notice and no suitable […]


Rudy and 3 of the dogs have been rescued by ACTIN Association, it was very stressful, we bundled the dogs into the car with no notice and no suitable leads, collars, it was very necessary to get them out immediately for their safety.

Last Tuesday 19th March Actin's team went to visit the site where Rudy and the other dogs are severely neglected. We had called Seprona and the Guardia Civil and we went prior to making the final call to the Police in order to assess which dogs we needed to get out and how this would be done. We were very worried about the reaction of the Police, as there was a possibility anything could happen and they may have removed the dogs and not allowed them into our care, in which case they would have gone to the pound, where they would not be safe. Every area is different, in how they treat these matters and for us here, this is new territory.

The owner was at the premises and we explained to him that we were going to denounce him and why; that we had witness statements, photographs and evidence extending back over 15 months.

We asked him how he intended to deal with the puppies of the pregnant Pointer and he told us he was going to kill them, which is normal and what everyone does ( he tells us). Stefania who is a new member of our team (was fantastic), she spoke with authority and told him that Actin did not tolerate this kind of treatment of animals. At that moment we took a decision that for the safety of the animals and because we had no idea of how the Police would treat the situation, that we should remove the animals straight away. We asked the owner for his co-operation and that we may re-consider the denuncia if he complied. He was very nervous and worried and agreed for us to take the dogs that belonged to him and Rudy who he told us - his Son, the owner no longer wanted. We told him we would return, we asked him to speak to his Brother - the other owner, who owns the other dogs we want to help. We asked that the dogs be fed correctly and watered. We asked they be released off the chains and exercised. We provided him with information to treat the dogs correctly. We also told him that Actin was in the area and checking out many situations and that he should spread the word, that we will not tolerate any longer this kind of treatment of animals in the 21st century.

We return this week with official documents that have been put together by our lawyer and we also hope that they will have taken our advice regarding the other animals. If not we will remove and continue with the denuncia.

Update on Rudy, Scruffy (now Luca), Freckles and Goldie

All of the dogs are in good care and safe. Unfortunately we were offered a kennel for four of them, which was withdrawn at very late notice and this put the rescue under extreme pressure. Another kind offer, was too far away, as we needed to keep the dogs local.  So we were very lucky that another one of our wonderful Actin members moved some dogs around and made temporary space. We are in the process of putting up a new pen to accommodate them.

Freckles the Pointer is gorgeous, her pregnancy is very obvious and we think possibly in the next week she will give birth, it will be interesting to see whether pups will be like Rudy, Goldie, or a combination of both.  She has 5 star luxury, where she is at now  - in comparison to where she came from, she must think she has died and gone to heaven. She even has a special place for the birth, which has been prepared for her.  At last she is getting some peace, away from the boys.  Freckles is being given nutritious food, to build her up and is thriving.

Luca is being taken care of in foster care by another Actin member, the carer is trying to build up his confidence, as he is very timid and he is not well.  He has Erlichia and Leishmania but his blood results came back Friday and his Leishmania has not attacked his internal organs, so he can be treated as soon as he has finished his Erlichia treatment. He will need 21 injections initially.

Rudy is doing fine, we are trying to get him sorted out legally, as he is micro-chipped - we knew this, as we had rescued him before and had to give him back.  So we pray all will go smoothly but no matter what, he will not go back to his owner. He will be getting his veterinary check next week but he is eating well and enjoying the freedom and space.

Goldie it seems, was chained tightly since a puppy and so his back legs where he sat - for probably much of his young life, have caused his back legs to not develop properly.  Apart from that he seems happy, although very nervous and was clearly badly treated, he flinches and is afraid when food is around, so he obviously experienced some thing that has affected him. We hope that he will soon learn to trust.

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