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This is a local stray cat story and a very sad one, that is common and overlooked all over Spain, especially in urbanizations where there is a high volume of […]

This is a local stray cat story and a very sad one, that is common and overlooked all over Spain, especially in urbanizations where there is a high volume of UK expats, who care so much for animals. Cats colonise in these areas because they get fed and most people cannot bear to see them starving and dying. Many Spanish towns and villages, will poison the cats to control the numbers, (this is not the answer and extremely cruel and dangerous to humans too).  They like to have them around to control the vermin but inevitably they will multiply.

In Camposol there has long been a problem with cat colonies and people either love the cats and feed them, or really find them a nuisance and want to do away with them. The practical solution is:- if the numbers have exceeded a controllable level and they have become a nuisance then they should be caught sterilised and re-homed. A small number of healthy cats may be left and can have their ear clipped so they are identifiable. This works extremely successfully in other areas; there is no disease amongst the cats, or reproduction, the rats and mice are controlled and kind people can carry on feeding them.

Here is our story

A lovely lady in Camposol has been feeding a colony of cats for some time now and sadly they have multiplied..this was in fact originally caused by an irresponsible owner allowing the cats to breed and then leaving them behind when they moved.

The kindly cat lady has been feeding them out of her own pocket and along with the help of the charity Mama's, been systematically neutering the cats, which has helped a lot. Unfortunately finances dictate how many can be done and there are a lot of cats still needing help now.

The area that the cats have been fed in, is not suitable anymore and the lady who has been looking after them is fraught with worry in case the Townhall come and take the cats, as they will be sent to the pound which means they could be put to sleep. Worse still is that some animals have been poisoned in that area and so they are at risk of this too. It is against the law to put poison down and this puts pets and children at risk. Accidents do happen and no-one would want the cats to suffer this horrible death surely?

The campaign to get help so far has shown little response, so what we really want to let people know is, that if everyone on Camposol could put the smallest amount towards this project it could help these cats and the overall problem on Camposol. So the cat lovers and the cat dislikers could all be happy with  the results. It is a problem that people have little money because of the economy, but if everyone put in the price of a cup of coffee, it would do a lot of good. The cats being removed will not help the overall situation.

Neutering and re-homing is the best plan and then staying on top of the situation 

This project is being assisted by a number of local charities, working together to support the project.

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If you wish to donate from this website please note Camposol Cat project on your donation, or alternatively to the below account. People can also take their donations directly to the vet on Camposol A sector. Thank you

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