Are you unwittingly supporting crimes against dogs? The truth about Perreras!

Do you wonder why your local charity cannot take the dog that was abandoned at your gate? Firstly before there is uproar from the perrera rescuers, please understand why we […]

Do you wonder why your local charity cannot take the dog that was abandoned at your gate?

Firstly before there is uproar from the perrera rescuers, please understand why we feel the need to bring this travesty to light. Read the facts and then decide. Actin knows first hand what goes on behind closed doors in many privately owned perreras and why they need to change.

One of the most emotive situations in animal rescue is to see dogs with dates on their heads for sacrifice; photos of which are posted daily on social media. The truth is that by rescuing these dogs over and above the shelters and rescue centres, the charities who rescue abandoned and ill-treated dogs are suffering because they find themselves stuck with dogs that are needy for homes. This results in having to refuse the general public when they find animals and need somewhere to take them, as there is no space to accommodate them. Remember they run on donations too.

In the meantime the private perrera/pound owners rub their hands together with glee; they are moving dogs, making space for more, receiving fees from the rescuers, payment from the councils they have contracts with and even payment from pet owners who send their discarded dogs to them. The local councils think they are doing a great job spending their budgets on these privately owned companies that are running perreras and so there is no incentive to change anything.

Last year Actin discovered a bad situation in a local pound and because of the many complaints and concerns from worried citizens and other associations, they finally gathered enough evidence to prove that animal abuse and negligence was taking place. Actin and others are still involved in an ongoing case to prove the crimes of misappropriation, cruel and inhumane treatment towards animals, not informing owners when dogs are found, neglect, and lack of veterinary treatment resulting in suffering and death and many other wrong doings.

The plight of the animals in Spain is a huge issue and there are many dogs abandoned by hunters farmers and irresponsible owners, so the perreras have good business always. The funds from local councils used to support these places could be well placed and a lot more economically spent on providing education to owners about obligations; education about sterilisation and support to vets, so they can provide concessionary prices, (if not free programmes) in order to prevent over population and unwanted animals - it makes far more sense!!

Animals end up in the privately run Perreras where profit is the main objective – salaries have to be paid and thus leaves poor animals open to exploitation.

The animals may be sold for profit if they are dogs that are desirable, in some countries galgos, german shepherds, pointers and spaniels are very desirable and so there are those that will take them from the perreras and make money from them, under the guise of doing good. Cherry picking animals from the perreras certainly points to this type of exploitation. In the meantime the perreras are saved a job and can keep looking good in the eyes of the unknowing public.

The dogs rescued by the charity shelters sit waiting for homes, as the potential adopters are more concerned about the urgency of the perrera dog and consequently there is no space for abandoned dogs that the general public find – they ask for help and don’t understand why the charities cannot give it – they accuse the charities of taking donations…but those donations are only supporting the poor dogs that have been forgotten because they aren’t urgent anymore. Many of these dogs will end up in the pound in a never ending situation – the dogs are going around in one terribly sad circle!!

...but in the meantime the spaces in the local pounds are freed up by the do gooders and the exploiters. It’s a a travesty that holds up the necessary changes needed in Spain. We need pounds in Spain but a transformation must take place and it starts with the animal lovers, they need to get wise about the truth and not only see that sad face through the bars with the date on his head, as there will be many more afterwards and only we who care can make the changes.

Compassion with hearts and heads is needed to move forward. So, before you look at the pound dogs please check out your local charity shelter and help them to free up a space...

Lastly Actin and many other associations with experience know that taking dogs from a known badly run perrera and sending them to other countries because they are desirable dogs and earning a good fee from them, is as criminal as those that are running any perrera with a case of animal cruelty or suspected cruelty.

Many dogs are sent to countries where they go to an unknown fate and we need to be mindful of what is happening in our local area to animals.

We must point out that some perreras are run by welfare associations, so check them out and find out who you are helping.