Are you interested in advertising on the Actin-Spain website? Do you have an animal related business or product that our visitors would be interested in? Or perhaps you have an interest in Animal Welfare and would like to help by buying our advertising space for your business.

We now have some designated areas on our website for business sponsors to advertise their products and companies. Choose a size and price from the examples below and either provide us with ready made artwork or ask and we can create an advert for you.


The Actin-Spain website has over 1,200 visitors each month, with more than 3,000 page views which is increasing every month, so there are plenty of opportunities for our visitors to see your adverts and interact with them. (Based on analytics at 28 October 2013).

Advert Sizes and Prices

Large Advert

  • Position: Prime position - top right of each page.
  • Cost per month: 30 Euros
  • Size: 300 x 250 pixels (landscape)

advert_300x125Medium Advert

  • Position: One of two places in middle left of each page.
  • Cost per month: 20 Euros
  • Size: 300 x 125 pixels (landscape)

Small Advert

  • advert_125x125Position: One of four places in bottom left sidebar, or one of two places in footer, of each page.
  • Cost per month: 10 Euros
  • Size: 125 x 125 pixels (square)

 Sponsorship Options

If you would prefer to become a business sponsor of Actin you could choose one of the following options. We would then include your business name and logo along with what you are sponsoring on our Sponsorship page. This lets our visitors know in what way you are helping Actin.

  • A small advert at 11 euros per month sponsors one puppy's vaccination for that month.
  • A medium advert at 17 euros per month sponsors one pet passport, or a leishmania test each month.
  • A large advert at 24 euros per month sponsors two rabies vaccinations for that month.
  • Pay 5 months in advance for a medium advert (100 euros) and this sponsors one male dog's sterilisation
  • If you are interested in Sponsoring one of the animals in our care, please give their name and the cost of your advert from the first options will go to sponsor their needs.

Please contact if you would like more information, are interested in advertising on our website, or would like to book an advert space.