Adopt a Spanish rescue dog and save 2 dogs

Did you know that by adopting a Spanish rescue dog that you could be saving two dogs? Most well organised associations and charities will ask for a donation to cover the […]

Did you know that by adopting a Spanish rescue dog that you could be saving two dogs?

Most well organised associations and charities will ask for a donation to cover the costs for your chosen rescued dog, it is usually around 60 Euros for the cost of the passport, microchip, puppy vaccinations and rabies vaccination and then most responsible rescue charities will have sterilised, or castrated the dog, unless too young or too old - but then you should be expected  to undertake this for a young dog as soon as it is old enough and that will be included into the adoption contract. The sterilisation will have cost, (to the Association) in the region of 80 to 200 euros dependent on whether they have a vet they can collaborate with and have provided a discount.  Some associations may have sponsors that fund them and some may have charity shops but many will totally rely on the donations they receive for their adopted dogs. So if they ask for costs to cover as a set adoption fee, you can be sure this perhaps will not only cover the costs for your dog but may well be helping the next dog, which is why you could actually be helping to save two!!

Important information when adopting a dog from Spain

As a matter of interest you should also have a home check and sign an adoption agreement. It is important that the dogs have been assessed for their character and that the association is able to tell you about the dog and make sure that they are fully aware of its character traits and any potential problems. Many of the rescued dogs in Spain could have been through a lot of trauma, which could affect its character, no-one should take on a dog without assessment, or knowing the risks. Apart from putting your Family at risk of the stress of not knowing the dog, you could also be putting the dog through more stress. There are many things to consider when adopting, or indeed fostering. The best way is to always go through a registered charity, or association and ask many questions. There are many private rescuers doing wonderful work and you may want to support them but please, take all of the precautions mentioned and see if an association will sponsor, in case of any problems.

We recently heard a potential adopter say that it was a lot of money to pay out when so many dogs in the UK for example, need homes. This is very true but we realise that many will not know of the plight of dogs in Spain. There is no government funding for the welfare of animals here and it is made extremely difficult by the lack of welfare laws, the constant abandonment of animals and the little regard for their health or welfare.  In fact the general attitude towards animals in Spain is that they are not important, they may have a job to do, either guarding, or rounding up goats or sheep, or hunting, or just simply left at an empty property to make the owner feel that passers by will think it is occupied. There is absolutely no respect for these poor animals and no- one to protect them, apart from the many associations desperately rescuing, or trying to do something.  So your donation, your contribution, is very valued and will go a long way in allowing the rescue charity to save more dogs.

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