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Raquel-profileACTIN work very closely with Raquel López Teruel of De Animals in Murcia. She is a lawyer that specialises in Animal Welfare one of only three in the whole of Spain! This may sound surprising, but animal welfare issues are not usually seen as important matters in court and rarely go that far. This is only now starting to change, and that is due to the very hard work of Raquel.

Being an Animal Welfare Lawyer means that Raquel is not highly paid like other lawyers, she works tirelessly on animal welfare cases like cruelty and neglect, abandonment, maltreatment because of her love of animals. Quite often she ends up out of pocket herself.

Raquel was invited to the PAES Conference in October 2015 and she spoke about denuncias, the best way to make them, and then their process through the courts and how the legal system in Spain works. It was interesting to note that there are two main reasons why animal welfare cases fail in the Spanish courts. One reason is because the denuncia needs the backing of an individual or association to push it through the process, without this a case will fail before it gets to court. The police can't take a case through the courts. The second reason is due to lack of education. The town halls, police, guardia civil, judges, don't know the legalities of Animal Welfare law and will dismiss a case.

So not only does Raquel work hard to get cases through the courts, she also faces criticism due to lack of education, and finally has to educate the people in higher positions that there are Animal Welfare laws and they HAVE to be upheld.

Raquel and De Animals have helped Actin with many cases of cruelty, her advice to us is invaluable. Many times it is difficult for us to let our followers know of the work going on behind the scenes on cases such as the Container Dogs, this is due to client, judge, lawyer confidentiality, and can also be due to the nature of the case where public knowledge of the proceedings may jeopardize the case or lead to harm of the animals in danger.

There have recently been some land mark cases in animal welfare that have resulted in successes in the courts. Including some of Raquel's own cases. You can read about these successes in the Legal News category on our website where we will be updating on the progress of the legal system and success stories.

05 - DiplomasSince the PAES Conference Raquel has started running animal welfare law courses for the police and officials to attend and learn about the process and legalities of the law for animals. These courses are very much in demand, and we feel at Actin that it is such a fantastic initiative that it deserves our support. Each place on the course costs €80 and some of the police and officials at town halls who would like to attend are finding it hard to pay for themselves. They are not getting any subsidies from their employers. With the support of our members and followers Actin would like to support Raquel and her courses by offering sponsorship for the attendants. We can't do it without your donations and support.

We are working towards a day where if you saw an act of cruelty or neglect towards animals, you could go to the police to report it and they would respond and come to investigate, instead of ignoring it and shrugging their shoulders. This is how changes for animal welfare will be made in Spain. By education. Education of the public, and education of the police and officials.

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