Actin supporting local rescue

As you know 2016 has been a year of change for Actin. The association has had a change of committee including a new president, and has a plan for a […]

As you know 2016 has been a year of change for Actin. The association has had a change of committee including a new president, and has a plan for a more focused strategy on the aims for the future including animal welfare education and education in the law for authorities as well as individuals. The original statutes for these aims were made difficult because of the need for rescue, so the new plans will be totally focused and will develop the good work that has already been done. These new aims do not include rescue which is a symptom of a much larger problem. Actin aims to address two main problems in animal welfare, lack of education and lack of knowledge about the law and upholding the law. These are the main things that lead to abandonment, cruelty and over population and finally, the need to rescue. In helping to solve these problems, Actin hopes to reduce the demands on local rescues and associations and stop the need for perreras. This means that Actin itself is moving away from rescue to concentrate on these aims, and rescue is no longer part of the current statutes for the association.

However, having dealt with many rescue dogs over the years and successfully funding medical costs, fostering and finally re-homing of the animals we have taken under our care, Actin understands perfectly the need to rescue, and the often overwhelming problem of helping these poor souls. For this reason, the Actin committee have agreed to support our founder and former president Vivienne Wharton with her local rescue endeavours, this means that she can carry on with rescuing supported by Actin and we have drawn up guidelines on how we will work together.

Viv has been working very hard this year to re-home the last of the dogs Actin has under their care, there are now only a few left. This is good as it means Actin can begin fundraising for education projects without worrying about funding the costs for animal care and vets bills. By offering support to Viv, Actin will be collecting donations on her behalf, keeping them completely separate from Actin’s other fundraising activities and keeping everything legal. This gives Viv the backup of an association and at the same time gives the donator peace of mind that they are donating to a legal association and their money will be safe and used specifically as intended. Actin will be able to report on all funds collected for rescue, and will provide monthly updates of all monies raised specifically for rescue purposes, these will always be passed on to Viv to pay vets bills and foster care. It is up to Viv to generate funds for her rescues, and she is in charge of their care and re-homing separate from Actin. The website will be used for the purpose of finding homes for Viv’s rescues and other rescuers who work closely with Viv.

Viv has a small team of volunteers who help her with fundraising and fostering animals, and she has been extremely successful at rescuing and re-homing animals found in awful conditions in her area. We are pleased to be able to support her so that she can carry on this work in her area, the former home of Actin, and we hope you will also extend your help and generosity to her as well. She is always looking for volunteers to help her with fundraising, or care for the animals, so if you feel you can help please get in touch with her. ( If you would like to make a donation to help Viv’s rescues, please send a paypal donation to and mark it for ‘Rescue Dogs’ or just ‘Rescue’, this will ensure it goes to the right place.

Viv has set up a Facebook page to get help for local rescues called Always the dog and if you would like to support her there, then here is the link.

Once again Actin would like to thank you for your continued support, and we hope to make some changes in animal welfare in 2017.

Below are some of the dogs still under Actin's care and needing homes.