Actin rescued 9 dogs from bad owners this week!!

Actin do not tolerate cruelty, neglect or abandonment

This week we have freed 9 dogs from unacceptable situations. And one elderly dog who had been abandoned and ended in the pound.

One situation that was in Murcia, that has been on-going with no-one able to help. This week we managed to get three dogs out from there and they have gone to the protectora that reported it and a denuncia is being administered to the owners.

A second case in Cartagena - the photos were sent to us and the report was of a harrowing situation for three dogs, a Lhasa Apso, a Yorkshire Terrier and a little terrier type dog. The neighbour who reported it has been seeing this situation for some time and listening to the dogs pitiful cries. The owner had stopped feeding them and one dog (the Lhasa Apso) was in such a bad state it was not recognisable as a dog. Now they are safe and they need care and treatment prior to re-homing. Will also denounce the owner.

Below after rescue - is this acceptable? An owner to let his dogs be in a condition like this? We wont tolerate it!!

Three puppies were saved - uncared for and locked in a disgusting chicken shed. Now safe!!

Then there was Duke, a little out of our remit and who will hold a special place in our heart. The 13 year old Great Dane was abandoned in a caravan park but was too far away for us to help him. He was then removed by the Police and taken to the pound. When we heard this we wanted to help him, so he would not die in the pound - we wanted to give him a chance. Sadly a few days after he arrived to us, he let go and so we had him put peacefully to sleep with lots of TLC. Not before he had a chance to know some love and care though

Actin urgently needs help or sponsorship for our rescues. We are successful and we are freeing dogs from the most dire situations. Now when people report to us that they see a case, if we can help, then we will. It is difficult to turn away from some of these cases. If people report a case to us, we need full facts, photos, showing dates if possible and we have to have absolute facts and proof. We also need some commitment of help financially. We cannot support these rescues alone and we cannot easily find somewhere for the dogs. We feel that our role is developing more in this way and so we would like to develop our skills in rescuing legally and having billboards up to warn people that we don't tolerate cruelty.

If you want to donate, help, sponsor, Actin needs your support