About Us

Animal Care Treatment International Network wants to see an end to the problems in Spain for animals.

  • There are no defined laws in Spain for animal cruelty, or neglect
  • Punishments for cruelty are inadequate and often not applied
  • It is hard for citizens to report cruelty, as there are no guidelines in place for this
  • Some authorities do not treat reports with seriousness or respect
  • Many citizens are afraid to report because of reprisals and they are intimidated by the lack of a system to do this
  • In the countryside there is ignorance by the public for general welfare of animals, particularly working animals and ACTIN is particularly concerned about the ill-treatment and neglect of dogs
  • Hunters use dogs and abandon, abuse and sometimes kill them at the end of the hunting season

Actin wants to see an end to all of this and we know that this a massive task, as the problems are deeply ingrained. Pet animals are hardly ever micro-chipped, vaccinated, or sterilised. These problems cause many abandoned animals, on the streets, in the countryside and in the Perreras/Pounds.  Conditions and treatment in many of the Perreras is not controlled, or investigated and there are many things that need to be changed.  All of these problems are issues that ACTIN would like to see addressed by the authorities. There needs to be more education and awareness.  The problems in Spain are too many for a modern country in the EU and therefore we work towards change.

We will work towards changes locally and eventually throughout Spain

  • Campaigning for neutering
  • Bringing awareness of the correct way to look after pet animals
  • Stopping abandonment
  • Making changes in Perreras
  • Denouncing any cruelty
  • Making it easier for people to report cruelty


Please read our Mission Statement.